Can Lasers Help Discoloration, Red and Brown Spots?

Does your skin tell the story of recent injuries? If every bump, bite, nick, burn or scrape leaves behind discoloration that lasts weeks, months or years, then you’re likely revealing more about yourself to others than you’d like. Traumatic hyper-pigmentation is the medical term that’s used for scars that get darker as they heal.  It’s a temporary or permanent skin discoloration related to a past injury, and can be red, brown or a mixture of both colors.

Many patients like you suffer with this problem. Any injury—from acne to bug bites to surgical scars – leaves behind a telltale sign of injury. However, it doesn’t have to be something you just “live with”. If you want a solution, lasers offer an excellent treatment option for all types of traumatic hyper-pigmentation.

The key to successful laser treatment is to choose a device that has the appropriate wavelength of light for the color of scarring you have.  When we use the right laser, we can correct the pigmentation using gentle settings to slowly break up the red or brown discoloration. The marks slowly fade away and eventually disappear giving you back a more even skin tone. Best of all, these devices are safe and appropriate for all skin types (colors) including African Americans.

When you choose to invest in clearer, more even skin, we suggest you protect it after treatment by using sunscreen every day. This is especially important while you are undergoing laser treatments, but it’s also wise to continue afterward. Sunscreen use keeps your skin looking healthy and young and more importantly, keeps you out of the dermatologist’s office as you get older!

los angeles scar removal before and after pictureslos angeles scar removal before and after pictures
Scars before and after pictures

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