Lip Injections

If someone asks you if you’ve had lip filler, then it’s time to find another injector. The procedure is a bit of a misnomer; instead of “lip filler”, we like to think of it as “lip accentuation”. Taking what you have naturally, our injectors at Celibre Medical skillfully place the filler product to enhance your lips, making them look soft, full, and natural. We will often concentrate on treating the “vermillion border” which is the edge of the lip rather than just injecting it into the lip itself.

Treating this area creates an appearance of fullness because it rolls the edge of the lip outward a bit. This keeps your lips looking lush and full, but not puffy, stiff, or obviously overfilled with the product.

Cosmetic injections such as lip augmentation take an artful eye and a skillful hand. Our injectors have both. They work one on one with you to determine what your needs, wants and goals are, then create and execute an aesthetic plan that not only perfectly fits you, but makes you look and feel your very best. Come talk to us today with a free consultation and find out what we can do for you too!

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