Little Known Uses for Botox

Anyone who’s had Botox (or Dysport) will likely tell you it’s an amazing treatment. Many people have made it a staple of their beauty regimen. There’s nothing quite like the smooth, wrinkle-free, and relaxed look that it gives the forehead, crow’s feet, and between the eyes. But did you realize that there’s a lot more that Botox can do? It’s really a versatile treatment that can be used in many, different ways to fix stubborn, unpopular problems. Here are three things we bet you didn’t realize that Botox can be used for:

Brow Lift

Brow Lift Botox Injection Torrance CA

Botox is a quick and easy way to get a little lift on droopy brows. It works by relaxing the circular muscle that surrounds the eye. Which acts like a purse-string, pulling down on the brow when you contract, squeezing your eyes shut. By relaxing the outer edge of the muscle, just under the edge of the eyebrow, it will lift it into its natural, open position. The net result is a more relaxed, alert, and younger-looking you! A typical dosage for this treatment is around 5 to 7 units per side.

Upper Lip Wrinkles

Botox Lip Wrinkles Torrance CA

Ever wish there was a way to smooth out those little, vertical lines above your upper lip that catch your lipstick and drive you crazy? While these lines are often referred to as “smoker’s lines”, many people who have them have never smoked at all! They can form naturally as the muscle that encircles our mouth works like a purse string. Everyday activities like talking and facial expressions like pursing or puckering cause them to form.

By using very tiny amounts of botox to relax the part of the muscle underlying the upper lip. These lines can disappear. An added bonus is that many people notice that their upper lip often looks bigger as it very subtly rolls outward or “everts”. That is sure to make your lipstick look better too! While you may not be able to pucker as strongly as before, there is no other change in movement usually noted when small doses of 4 to 8 units are used in this area.

Pebble Chin

botox injections for pebble chin Orange CA

If you have a chin that has always looked bumpy or looks bumpy with certain facial expressions, Botox can help fix that! The muscle of the chin, the mentalis, often contracts during conversation or facial expressions which causes the skin on your chin to dimple. This is often referred to as “pebble chin”—not exactly how you’d like your chin to be known, huh? By placing 4 to 6 units of Botox into the mentalis muscle, it will soften and relax it. This prevents those unattractive ripples from forming and gives you a smooth, soft-looking chin.

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