Can Laser Treatment Help My Birthmark with Hair?

hairy nevi

We know birthmarks can be embarrassing. When you have one that grows hair, it can be even worse. We understand the emotional and psychological difficulty of living with this type of birthmark. And we have a laser treatment program for brown birthmarks that is safe and effective.

However, some brown birthmarks (those with hair) fall into a category that requires us to refer you out to a dermatologist for full evaluation and biopsy. Congenital nevi (a specific type of brown birthmark) may be susceptible to an increased risk of skin cancer. It is very important for you to understand that not every congenital nevus turns into skin cancer, but we wouldn’t be taking the very best care of you if we just treated your birthmark with a laser before having it full evaluated.

Many types of brown birthmarks (café au lait, Mongolian spots, etc.) do not require full evaluation before treatment and are appropriate for lasers. But some congenital nevi with hair do and these are usually not appropriate for laser procedures.

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