Needles vs Cannulas – Does it matter?

In the world of cosmetic dermal filler treatments, the arrival of cannulas as a replacement for needles became a popular option among injectors.

The concept was to have a flexible plastic tubing/sheath that was threaded into a puncture site to then inject the filler product. It’s the same process that is used when an intravenous catheter is used to administer medication. The theory was that the tubing would eliminate or minimize bruising by avoiding puncture of blood vessels while at the same time reducing potential complications such as injecting product directly into a blood vessel.

We have not found that cannulas are superior, or even equal, to needles, and here is why:

  1. A large bore needle is still needed with cannulas to create a point of entry large enough to thread the cannula into. This alone creates a risk for bruising and is quite uncomfortable.
  2. There is less control of the placement of product with cannulas as well as limitations of the artistry needed in delicate areas.
  3. There is evidence that cannulas may still puncture a blood vessel or even break or dislodge the tip of the catheter.
  4. A safe and experienced injector has several methods to determine that a product is not being injected into a major blood vessel.
  5. It is our belief that the controlled trauma of the needle offers value in the collagen-induced injury response – a good thing.

As with all things, Celibre Medical relies on what is tried and true vs. what is new.

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