Newsletter April 2009 – Laser Treatments & Injections

The Importance of Before and After Pictures
for Laser Treatments & Injections

At Celibre Medical, we are unique in the cosmetic dermatology industry in that we take before and after pictures of every single laser and injection patient that comes to our facility. In this newsletter, we wanted to talk a little about why we take before and after photos, why it makes our practice unique, and show you some of the before and after pictures of our laser dermatology and injection patients.

We take pride in our patient’s results.

We take pictures of all our patients because we want to be able to monitor their progress objectively. Taking before and after photos gives us a clear evaluation of what progress has been achieved for our patients and we take pride in achieving good results for all of our laser dermatology and injection patients.

More About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Los Angeles laser hair removal before and after Pictures

Our competitors do not take photos.

We are aware that many facilities in the laser dermatology industry do not take before and after pictures. We wonder if it is because they do not want the patient’s to be able to compare the before and after results. We want patients to know that we are very different from organizations that do not take photos and taking before and after pictures is one way to clearly distance ourselves from the average laser dermatology practice.

More About Restylane Injections

Los Angeles restylane injections before and after PicturesLos Angeles Restylane Injections before and After Pictures

We want to protect our patients and ourselves.

It is a good idea for our patients and Celibre Medical to have a record of the patient’s condition before the treatment program began. It protects both of us in the event that anything unexpected occurs during the laser treatment or injection program.

More About Acne Scar Removal

Orange County Acne Scar Removal Before and After PicturesOrange County Acne Scar Removal Before and After Pictures

To verify that the website photos are real.

We are often questioned about whether or not the photos on our website are real. Taking quality before and after pictures allows us to present these photos to potential patients once they arrive in the office for their free laser dermatology or injection consultation. They get to see full size, full color, glossy before and after pictures of the patients on our website. This allows us to make clear for potential patients that the photos on the website are real and are owned by our organization.

More About Laser Resurfacing

To verify that the photos are of actual Celibre patients

It is very common in our industry for medical practices to use photos that were given to them by the laser manufacturers rather than pictures of their own laser dermatology patients. While it is worthwhile for potential patients to see what can be achieved using the laser (or injection technique) being offered by the practice, we feel it is more appropriate to see what was actually achieved by our practice, rather than a physician or practice that was hired by the laser manufacturer to perform a medical trial. This is why we only use photos of our own patients.

More About Botox Injections

Los Angeles Botox Injections forehead before and After PicturesLos Angeles Botox Injections forehead before and After Pictures

Taking good before and after pictures of each patient that undergoes treatment at our facility is vitally important to maintaining our credibility as a practice, and we will continue to take them for every patient we treat.

At Celibre, we focus on patient education. We want our patients to understand and participate in the decisions that make up their care plan. To this end, our knowledgeable medical staff are here to help you weigh the benefits and risks of our Laser treatments.

Our team would be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to address your skin care goals. A good starting place is to gather information and view before and after photos of Celibre patients  in our photo gallery.

At Celibre, we stay at the forefront of research and best practices so that we may offer the most appropriate and effective injections and laser treatment plans for our valued patients. Please give us a call to learn more about laser treatments and injections.

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