Newsletter June 2008 – Restylane

Tear Trough Injections –
Restylane for bags under the eyes

Have you recently found yourself saying, “my eyes don’t look the same anymore.” Investing in expensive creams and eye serums also may have left you disappointed. If you have noticed that the shape and appearance of your eyes are not the exactly the same anymore, it may actually be that the frame of the eyes has changed.

As we age, the eye region (periorbital area) begins to lose volume or the volume shifts and creates the appearance of bags. The skin loses its elasticity and oftentimes leads to a “crepey” look. Fine lines develop around the eye area in response to the strong muscle action of this muscle. This aging process may also lead to the appearance of darkening under eye eyes when the vascularity underneath becomes more transparent as volume is lost.

restylane injections before and After Pictures

Restylane Injections Before and After Pictures

While Botox Cosmetic works wonderfully to relax the eye muscle to soften if not resolve the fine lines and provide a lifting of the brow, it does not address the loss of volume just underneath the lower lid. Although our Erbium MicroLaser Peel is an excellent treatment for the tightening of the skin and resolving fine lines to this area, it also does not address the issue of volume loss.

After months of research for the best technique and outcomes, we are pleased to introduce a new service referred to as a “tear trough” treatment. The tear trough area refers to the area just below the lower lid wherein a depression may become more visible as well as a sunken look where the inner eye meets the side of the nose. By using a filler (Restylane) we are able to restore volume to this area which improves the texture of the skin, reduces the dark areas, and provides a subtle, rejuvenated look to the eyes. Most patients will enjoy the benefits of this procedure for six to nine months.

Many have already recognized the value of fillers (Restylane/Juvederm/Perlane) to reshape the mid-face or add volume to the mouth area but were unaware of the beautiful effects of the tear trough technique. A combination of all the mentioned modalities is an excellent care plan for eye rejuvenation with the tear trough procedure being an excellent place to start.

At Celibre, we focus on patient education. We want our patients to understand and participate in the decisions that make up their care plan. To this end, our knowledgeable medical staff are here to help you weigh the benefits and risks of our injection treatments.

Our team would be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to address your skin care goals. A good starting place is to gather information and view before and after photos of Celibre patients in our photo gallery.

At Celibre, we stay at the forefront of research and best practices so that we may offer the most appropriate and effective treatment plans for our valued patients. Please give us a call to learn more about Restylane injections and the tear trough procedure.

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