How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need for my Acne and Milia?

Living with acne can be tough. Its unpredictable nature, potential for scarring, and embarrassment it causes make it one of the hardest skin conditions to have. Celibre Medical has a safe, effective and targeted acne laser treatment program. We’ve helped many people just like you manage their acne without the use of harsh, drying topical products and medications.

Through the years, we’ve found that our program works for those with milia as well. Milia are those small, white bumps that never turn into red pimples, but never go away either. They are (in essence) clogged pores.

orange county laser acne treatment before and after pictures

orange county laser acne treatment before and after pictures

We discuss our options in detail with each acne and milia patient, and tailor a program that suits your particular situation. On average, our patients see improvement in their skin after just 1-2 photodynamic therapy treatments.

We have put together a presentation of one of our acne patients here for you to understand what types of treatments we offer for acne and see the kind of results that are possible:

This patient is a 13-year-old girl struggling with moderate inflammatory papules and pustules as well as numerous comedones and milia. We decided on four treatments with our Medlite q-switched laser along with weekly Blu-U light treatments to target her inflammatory acne and settle it down first.

Then, we transitioned her to Aramis laser treatments for the next half of her initial acne treatment program. As you can see from her photos, at this point, we were making good progress.

This patient is a lot like many of the acne patients. We have a broad array of treatment options for acne that includes several lasers and light therapy that specifically targets the causes of acne. In addition to what we’ve mentioned here, sometimes we’ll suggest a certain skin care regimen or series of chemical peels at the start of your acne laser treatment program to help jump-start the process of clearing your skin.

We know that acne and acne treatments can be slow and frustrating. We’ve designed an acne laser treatment program that delivers consistent results. We have many different options that can be used individually or together to help you get the clear skin you want safely in the shortest amount of time.

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