How painful can laser hair removal be?

To achieve permanent laser hair removal — where this term represents 75%-95% permanent removal of the hair in 6-8 treatments – the base of the hair follicle has to be heated to a high enough temperature so that the blood vessels that connect to the base of the hair follicle are disabled. This process involves a temperature high enough to cause some discomfort.

Most patients that have undergone waxing will generally say that <strong”>laser hair removal is more comfortable than waxing. The challenge with describing the discomfort involved with the laser hair removal process is that some patients have a very easy time with laser hair removal and others think it is very painful, and every patient has a different pain tolerance. We can say that since 2004, we have done tens of thousands of laser hair removal treatments and we can count on two hands the number that have opted out of the process because it was too painful.

african american laser hair removal los angeles before photo african american laser hair removal los angeles before photo

What does laser hair removal feel like?

Laser hair removal is most commonly described as feeling like someone is snapping you sharply on the skin with a rubber band. It can also feel like pin pricks or hot sand on the skin.

How do we make your laser hair removal treatments more comfortable?

There are methods to lessen the discomfort level during laser hair reduction including cold gels, numbing creams, and cold air blowers.

Does painless laser hair removal exist?

Currently, the FDA requires that manufacturers of lasers used for laser hair removal are able to substantiate (via clinical trials) that their product is “pain free” or “painless laser hair removal” before they are able to advertise that. There is one manufacturer currently advertising that their laser as pain free, but they have not applied for nor received an FDA approval to substantiate this claim.

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