Laser Hair Removal for Razor Bumps

At one time or another, we’ve all had “razor bumps”: those red, pimple-like, tender bumps that appear after shaving. For most of us, they’re an annoying, once-in-awhile problem.  But if you suffer with constant or severe “razor bumps” then you could have a more serious condition known as pseudofolliculitis. Folliculitis in an infection and inflammation of the hair follicle. The term “pseudo” means false or artificial. That’s exactly what pseudofolliculitis is as it mimics serious medical conditions such as acne or follicle infection when it’s really just severe irritation and/or inflammation from ingrown hair due to shaving.

razor bumps laser hair removal before and after pictures

razor bumps laser hair removal before and after pictures

Pseudofolliculitis can affect both men and women. It’s common in people who have thick, coarse and/or curly hair, especially African Americans. Because it happens in areas where there’s hair like the face, neck, shoulders, back and bikini area, it’s commonly misdiagnosed as acne. If it’s severe, it can resemble large, acne-like cysts that can lead to deep scars, just like acne. It can also lead to embarrassing discoloration changes and textural change in the skin too.

If you have pseudofolliculitis, you know how hard it can be to keep up with shaving because it often triggers a flare up. No doubt you’ve tried multiple solutions to remove hair with little to no effect on your condition. Before you give up though, we’d like to tell you about a 100%, totally effective solution for you: laser hair removal. Laser hair removal treats this frustrating condition by getting rid of the hair that causes it in the first place. As you progress through your laser hair removal program, you will notice the razor bumps and pseudofolliculitis slowly fade and disappear.

Here at Celibre Medical, we use Class IV medical lasers to safely and effectively remove hair. We have several lasers that make it possible for us to treat unwanted hair for anyone regardless of their ethnicity and skin type (color). So, if you’ve tried (and failed) other treatments for severe, unmanageable pseudofolliculitis and want to do something that can get rid of it once and for all, then consider laser hair removal. It treats the source of the problem.

Don’t spend another day dealing with the frustrating problem of pseudofolliculitis. Get help and call us today to learn more about how Celibre Medical’s laser hair removal program can change your life!

Laser hair removal before and after pictures

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