Sculptra Injection Cost

Sculptra Injection Cost

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Just like many other services, the cost of Sculptra can vary greatly from practice to practice. Because Sculptra comes in as a vial of powder to be reconstituted, it is sold as an entire vial, rather than by the syringe like the other fillers. In the Los Angeles area, we have found the price can range from $650-$1000 per vial. You might ask yourself, ‘why is the cost so different from place to place?’ and that’s a really important question. We would like to go through what we consider to be the most important factors to consider when looking at the price of Sculptra.


First, Sculptra is the “diva” of filler products! To have success with it, your injector really needs to know the product in depth. This means not only how to inject it, but also how much saline to use to get it ready to inject, where to put it and how much to inject, all while keeping that vision of how you want the results to look in 6-12 months. Remember, you really don’t get that instant visual result of seeing the product in place like you do with the other fillers! At Celibre, we pride ourselves on having the very highest level of knowledge and skill with using Sculptra; in fact, our lead injector trained directly with Sculptra’s manufacturing representative. We want you to know and trust you are receiving nothing short of expert level care.

Second, we only use Sculptra bought legally and directly from the manufacturer. Many times, a cheaper price could mean the product was bought somewhere else, or even overseas! These products can cost less, but they can also be useless or worse yet, contaminated which puts you at risk of a serious infection or other adverse reaction. There is no price worth your peace of mind and trust. We understand and value that here at Celibre Medical.

Lastly, we believe we can deliver results that exceed your expectations! We take the time to really evaluate your individual features and listen to what your goals and expectations are. We believe the biggest key to our success is YOU! We want you to be involved in every step of your care. From planning what products are best suited for your needs to making sure any and every question about your care is answered before, during and after treatment, we firmly believe having you as part of our team is what helps us be the best at what we do. We value your trust and want to develop a lasting relationship with you! Please call us today and let us discuss if Sculptra is the right choice for you.

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