SKS Skin Fitness

We understand how your skin is affected by age and environmental factors. Therefore, we have specific solutions for the changes that occur as your skin ages. A healthy skin fitness regimen (daily skin care products) as well as corrective skin care treatments can help slow or reverse your skin’s natural aging process.

Celibre has chosen a skin care line that is specifically formulated to help preserve, replenish and maintain the proper pH of the acid mantle of the skin. It is a glycolic acid based product line created by chemists and physicians. By matching the natural pH of the skin, our skin care products increase the skin’s natural ability to fight harmful bacteria and other air born contaminants.

One primary benefit of using glycolic acid as part of the Celibre daily skin regimen is that it shortens the exfoliation period for the stratum corneum (the layer where new skin cells are produced). Increasing the cell turnover rate of the stratum corneum keeps our skin “working” – similar to the way a fitness program at the gym keeps our muscles toned. This process also decreases the risk of acne as hair follicles are less likely to become plugged with dead skin cells. Proper use of our skin care products will keep your skin pH balanced to fight off bacteria, and speed the exfoliation process to give you smoother, more even textured skin.

In addition to a daily skin fitness program, Celibre also offers non-invasive medical treatments to combat and reverse the signs of aging. Using multiple lasers, we have the ability to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, remove age spots and other types of pigmented lesions, and eliminate spider veins and facial redness. We also combine prescription skin care with laser therapy to treat some of the most stubborn skin conditions such as acne and melasma. We can help you redevelop collagen in the skin with MicroPeel laser resurfacing, and soon we will offer other injectable fillers to reverse the signs of aging.

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