Smoker’s Lines

Is your lipstick having trouble staying put or going on smoothly? Tired of seeing those annoying, little vertical wrinkles around your mouth? Commonly known as “smoker’s lines”, those little creases and fine wrinkles around the mouth are a common problem for many women. Even though they’re common in smokers, we all know that you don’t have to smoke to get them.

They are usually the result of a two-fold process: first, the muscle that encircles the mouth is like a “purse string”. When it contracts, it causes those fine lines to form in the skin around the mouth. When you add in the loss of volume that naturally occurs both in the lips themselves and in the area around the mouth as we age, smoker’s lines can appear.

If you have smoker’s lines and want to do something to get rid of them, then we can help you. There are two, effective ways to help beat this aggravating problem. The gold standard is fractional laser resurfacing. Alternatively, we can use a very small amount of Botox to soften the lines and add hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, such as Restylane, to help replace volume in the lips themselves and/or the area around the lips.

Some people can get away with one or the other, and some people need a combination of both. Based on your individual features, we can decide which approach would work best for you and get those lips back to “gloss-worthy” status in no time.

If you’re embarrassed by smoker’s lines, please call us to make a free consultation appointment today! You don’t have to deal with them any longer—we can help! One of our highly skilled injectors can help you decide which plan of attack is best for you.

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