Stretch Marks Now Or Later

Stretch marks represent a significant cosmetic concern for many patients – male and female alike. Typically, stretch marks result in redness (stretch marks in Caucasians) or brown/darker pigmentation (stretch marks in darker skin types) as well as texture changes. Many times, the body will fade the color (both red or brown) over time – provided that the areas are well protected with sun screen when exposed to the sun. It is generally accepted that whatever pigment remains six months after the stretch marks appeared may be permanent. At this time, the body’s healing response is mostly complete and residual pigment may not fade on it’s own. In addition, any texture changes associated with the stretch marks gets harder to revise as time passes.

laser stretch mark removal orange county before photolaser stretch mark removal orange county after photoAlthough medical lasers offer an excellent option to resolve the color changes associated with stretch marks – current research now supports improved outcomes when intervening earlier rather than later. For example, stretch marks that are red in color are related to an increase in vascularity (blood flow) resulting from the trauma to the skin caused by the stretch marks. By resolving the vascularity early on with lasers, there is less inflammation and a better healing response. This allows for improved collagen reformation and textural improvement.

Regardless of which color the stretch marks are (red or brown) and whether or not they are textured or flat, we have found that early intervention for stretch marks optimizes the healing process leading to less noticeable stretch marks in the future.

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Lori Ishii Haney, RN, MEP-C

Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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