Facial Symmetry

Human beings like beautiful things. But what is beauty exactly? Is it the color, shape or symmetry of something that makes it beautiful? While it’s probably a combination of all, there is no denying that we’re drawn to symmetry. Nature is full of it: flowers, butterflies, snowflakes and spider webs are just a few symmetrical things that we find beautiful in the world around us. And what about humans? We have symmetry too. In fact, the symmetry of the human face has been a source of study, fascination and wonder for us since the ancient times. Today, research has shown that we find a symmetrical human face more beautiful than an asymmetrical one. Some scientists even believe that we use symmetry as a yardstick to measure the “quality” of a potential mate.

facial shaping - symmetry changes as we age

As we age, our facial symmetry can change. For many reasons, we lose volume in our face over time. A great example of this is the full, round cheek of a baby compared to the flat, hollow cheek of an elderly person. Time can take away the underlying supporting fat, connective tissue and bone of our facial structure, and unfortunately, it tends to not be a symmetrical process! This can leave one eyebrow higher or lower, one cheek flatter, one wrinkle or fold deeper, or even create a crooked mouth or uneven smile. When you combine these changes with the asymmetrical ones that the sun and environment can take on your skin in the form of sun damage, freckling, sagging and wrinkling, you can begin to see how symmetry (and beauty) fades with age.

There are fixes for these unwelcomed changes! The medical aesthetic industry is booming thanks to the demand of services that can reverse or correct asymmetric signs of age. Botox injections can help correct it by selectively lifting or relaxing the brows, lips and corners of the mouth. Dermal filler treatments with products such as Restylane, Restylane Lyft or Juvederm can help replenish symmetry by replacing lost facial volume and creating youthful, full and round contours. And of course, proper, corrective skin care coupled with laser/light treatments can erase the signs of sun and environmental damage giving your skin a more clear, youthful and smooth appearance.

The pictures below are of a patient who had lost volume in her lower face over time. Pay close attention to her outer chin area, as uneven change had created a very asymmetrical appearance. By using the dermal filler Restylane, we not only corrected these asymmetrical changes, but we also added volume to create fuller, more youthful and symmetrical features.

If you’ve noticed unwelcome changes in your face as you’ve gotten older, it’s not too late. There are many options available to help you look like you did years ago (or better!). Even small changes can make a big difference! Please call us today to schedule your free consultation to learn more about the transformative procedures and treatments that we offer here at Celibre Medical Corporation.

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