Removing Syringoma with Cauterization

Syringoma are small, non-cancerous growths that most commonly show up on your lower eyelids and upper cheeks. They are more common in women than men, and we see them more often in Asian women than any other patients.  While they’re not dangerous, they can be cosmetically undesirable. You might think that removing these on the delicate eyelid skin would be impossible, but it isn’t! We’ve performed successful syringoma removal for many patients, so don’t let you fear hold you back from seeking treatment.

Many of our patients think that we’ll need to use an aggressive treatment, like a fractional laser. We like to think of this as using a sledgehammer to pound in a nail—it’s overkill. Sure, we could use a form of laser resurfacing, but syringoma are so small that the trouble we’d go through just wouldn’t be worth all the fuss.

Here are some before and after photos of one of our patients in the Los Angeles area who was treated with hyfrecation.

There is another treatment that is much easier but works just as well: hyfrecation. Hyfrecation involves using a thin, needle-like probe that is attached to an adjustable electric current. This tiny probe can be used very precisely to target the individual syringoma.  The electrical current heats the tissue which destroys the bumps. It’s a fast, simple procedure that works very well.

If you have syringoma and are ready to get rid of them, give us a call today.

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