Tattoo Removal Prices

What are your tattoo removal prices?

Potential tattoo removal patients frequently ask this question when they call our facility, especially those who have limited time due to work constraints. While we would love be able to quote exact tattoo removal prices over the phone, in most cases it is impossible for a number of reasons.

What are your tattoo removal pricesWhat are your tattoo removal prices?The total cost of laser tattoo removal treatments is dependent on the cost per treatment AND the total number of treatments. We recommend our patients to visit us for a free tattoo removal consultation before we provide estimates because it is not possible to accurately assess the number of laser treatments required for tattoo removal over the phone. The biggest mistake we find our patients (and potential patients) make regarding laser tattoo removal prices is that they ask how much one treatment is rather than focusing on how many treatments the whole process will take and whether or not they will get complete removal of the tattoo.

Important Considerations for Effective Laser Tattoo Removal

We often treat patients that have had 2, 3, or 5 treatments at another facility only to come to ours because of lack of results. The problems may lie in the type of laser being used for the tattoo removal or the expertise of the practitioner doing the treatments. In either case, these patients have received subpar tattoo removal treatments (in most cases for cheap tattoo removal prices) and by the time they reach us are essentially starting their treatment program over. We strongly urge our patients to inquire about the experience of the facility and practitioner in providing laser tattoo removal treatments, as well as the specific type of tattoo removal lasers they will use.

Another reason we ask patients to visit the facility is that we want to have a look at the color and quality of the tattoo ink. Poor inks degrade more quickly and therefore require less laser treatments. Colors like orange, yellow, pale blue and green are more difficult to remove and require more laser treatments. For these reasons, it is always better for us to see the tattoo in person before making an accurate assesment of the what the total laser tattoo removal prices would be.

In summary, Celibre Medical bases its tattoo removal prices on the type of tattoo, the time required for the treatment, the color of the tattoo, the ink quality, and the laser used in the treatment. It is more effective to address all these factors in person rather than over the phone. In general, our laser tattoo removal costs range between $150 and $400 per treatment.

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