Top Acne Scar Treatments

laser acne scar removal Non-ablative laser treatments for atrophic acne scars.

For lack of a better description, “atrophic acne scars” acne scars are ones that leave small depressions or indentations in the skin. These scars are usually not that deep or severe and do not have sharp edges. One of the most popular treatments for these scars involves using a non-ablative laser – one that does not cause an injury at the surface of the skin and therefore does not require any recovery period. The laser we use at Celibre for this type of “no downtime” scar treatment is the Aramis laser. This laser works by creating a thermal injury beneath the surface of the skin, causing the development of new collagen and a subsequent “lift” or upward pressure on the atrophic acne scars. This in turn makes the scars less visible and smoother.

Erbium Laser resurfacing is our treatment of choice for icepick acne scars.

The reason is that ice pick acne scars are deeper with sharper edges than other types of acne scars and require a more aggressive approach to achieve improvement. Erbium laser resurfacing involves 5-7 days of social downtime where the face is red and peeling. This is because the upper layers of skin are removed during the procedure, causing regrowth of the epidermis and improved surface texture.

Hydroquinone depigmentation programs are used for pigmented acne scars that affect darker skin types. In many skin types (Asian Hispanic, African), once we have achieved a significant reduction in the amount of active acne with our laser procedures brown acne scars will remain. These acne scars are easily treated using a bleaching agent called hydroquinone and it is the active ingredient in several of Celibre Medical’s depigmentation products.

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