How Can I Fix My Uneven Lips?

In aesthetics, we know that symmetry is often equated with beauty. But if you look at a face, even the most beautiful of celebrities have a slight degree of asymmetry.  Instead of having “perfect” symmetry, we seek to balance asymmetry for our patients.

Many of us are just not lucky enough to have been blessed with beautiful symmetrical features, and one of the most common complaints we hear about is uneven, asymmetrical lips.

uneven lips after restylane
Restylane Before and After Photos

Dermal fillers, especially hyaluronic acid-based ones, can be a perfect remedy for this. We can add volume to make the corners of the lips more even, enhance the outer edge (the vermillion border), add volume to one side or another, and even create a more natural balance between the size of your upper and lower lips. The techniques for each of these corrections vary, but the result is a more symmetrical (but not perfect!) looking mouth and lips—which is beautiful!

Both the Restylane and Juvederm family of products can be used for this procedure and after you’ve discussed your concerns with and been evaluated by your injector, together, you can decide which specific product is the right choice for you.

We hear over and over from our female patients about their fears of looking “overfilled” with puffy, duck-billed lips.  We understand this fear, and are happy to explain our approach and show you some before and after pictures (like the ones here on this page) that demonstrate appropriate, conservative and individualized approach to correction of asymmetrical lips.

Our goal is to balance and enhance your natural features, making them more even and attractive to the eye—not make you into someone who doesn’t look like you!

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