What is VaserLipo?

Understanding VaserLipo: Precision Fat Removal Method

Do you have stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away no matter how much exercise or dieting you do? It is frustrating, and if this sounds like you, then you may have researched potential fat-removing treatments that can help you decrease fat right where you need it.

But what works and what doesn’t? What’s safe and proven and what’s just hype? There are so many choices out there, finding the appropriate treatment that best fits your needs can be an overwhelming challenge!

Here are just a few of the newer technologies that you may have come across in your research: radio frequency, deep dermal tissue heating, laser-assisted liposuction, mesotherapy (injections of fat dissolving substances like Kybella), tissue massage, or different combinations of these.

Here, we’ll discuss one treatment: the VaserLipo System and Vaser HD (Vaser High Def) by Sound Surgical Technologies. The term VASER stands for: Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The first generation of this technology was introduced back in March 2001. Sound Surgical Technologies then received FDA approval in September 2002 for the third generation of the system. The fundamental concept of VaserLipo is to enhance body contouring by utilizing sound waves.

VaserLipoVaserLipo after Photo

Selective Emulsification with VaserLipo: Superior Fat Reduction

VaserLipo stands out from other traditional fat removal and body contouring treatments as it employs ultrasonic energy (sound waves) instead of laser energy to fragment fat particles. This fragmentation, known as “emulsifying” the fat, reduces the size of the particles, enabling their faster removal through aspiration or suction using conventional methods.

Just how does ultrasonic energy emulsify that fat? Think of it as placing a tuning fork on a bubble: the rapid vibration is no match for the fragile fat cell and it ruptures apart easily. Once broken down into smaller parts, the practitioner or surgeon can then remove the fat cells more quickly and easily.

While the scientific principle underlying VaserLipo is solid, does this mean that it really works to enhance fat removal and translates to better results? Many proponents of VaserLipo say that it does. They claim that the body sculpting and fat-reducing capability is superior to other, similar systems. The reason is, they claim, becuase VaserLipo selectively emulsifies the fat (selective emulsifying) which when combined with improved fluid management, can result in less bruising, less post-procedure swelling and less overall pain after your procedure. All of these factors, they claim, can help you have a speedier recovery after your procedure as well.

Balancing Risk and Reward: Evaluating VaserLipo Technology

To further enhance your results and overall outcome, practitioners often combine VaserLipo with other technologies. For example, some practitioners will use VaserLipo for larger area where you need more fat debulking, and then follow that with SmartLipo (laser-assisted liposuction) in smaller areas. Almost any area on the body can be treated with the VaserLipo system making it very versatile.

There are a few cautionary points for the VaserLipo and VaserHD systems. Remember, these systems rely on three factors: heat, motion and suction, much like traditional liposuction which is the “gold standard” for fat removal. However, the unique factor is the ultrasonic component that these technologies use to emulsify or break down the fat particles. The heat that’s generated can make these systems tricky. In the older generations of these systems, there was inconsistent control over the tissue-heating process. This lead to too many complications following VaserLipo treatment. Although there have been some corrections, the use of these technologies still carries a higher risk of complications compared to traditional liposuction alone. The critics do tend to agree however, that the technology works.

Choosing the Right Provider: Research, Questions, and Self-Advocacy

Celibre Medical does not provide VaserLipo, nor do we offer any liposuction treatments at any of our facilities. We simply wanted to share with you our unbiased view of Vaser technology to educate and inform you as you wade through the multitude of information that is out there. We believe we can be a reliable resource for you to look to when seeking information on any cosmetic treatment. Those who achieve the highest satisfaction are the patients who actively seek comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the procedure and treatments prior to proceeding, ensuring they are well-informed about all the intricacies involved.

Again, it’s important to reiterate that these fat-removing treatments are not a substitute for a weight loss program and should never replace the benefits of healthy weight loss through diet and exercise.  No matter what technology or procedure you chose, your outcome and satisfaction will rely heavily on the technique and expertise of the provider that you chose for your service. You also need to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure. So, do your research and ask lots of questions, and remember that you are your own best advocate.

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