If You Want Great Lips, Choose a Great Injector!

If injecting dermal fillers was easy, then everyone who’s had filler treatment would look natural, age appropriate and well proportioned, right? In other words, “bad filler” wouldn’t exist. Sadly, that’s not the case. The reason is because it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to get filler injections right—and still, not everyone who has both can do it well!

We cringe too when we see overly filled, duck-bill-looking lips. While we know there is a small, small minority of people out there who actually WANT that look, the rest of us interested in having lip filler definitely do not! Soft, natural and proportionate results are attainable with any of the dermal filler products – Restylane, Restylane Lyft, and Juvederm. The key isn’t so much the product as it is the skill and aesthetic eye of the person holding the syringe. There are certainly products that are better suited for lip injections, just as there are ones for cheeks, temples, etc. A knowledgeable, well-trained and highly skilled injector knows this, as well as how to gauge which is better suited for you based on your goals and individual features.

Lori Ishii Haney RN is an example of this type of injector. She’s been injecting at Celibre Medical since 2006. She views dermal filler injections as both a science and an art and she’s mastered both aspects of her practice. With her help, you can have your best lips without the fear of looking “filled”. Her years of experience have honed her aesthetic eye and equipped her with the tips and tricks to making you feel comfortable and at ease during your treatment. If you’re looking for an expert injector, then look no further!

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