What is a Bruising Treatment for Rosacea?

If you’re researching laser treatments for Rosacea, you may have come across the term “bruising treatment” and wondered what exactly it means. Bruising treatment refers to an aggressive type of pulsed dye laser treatment. We offer them here at Celibre Medical, and we answer this question all the time for patients like you.

Rosacea is a condition that involves excessive blood vessels at the surface of the skin. Just like other vascular conditions (spider veins, red stretch marks, acne scars, etc.), the pulsed dye laser works by closing the blood vessels and making them disappear over time.

Bruising treatments are more aggressive, and they are not appropriate for every skin type (color). They also may not be appropriate if you need to get back to work or school immediately.  This type of treatment will require you to take a bit of “social downtime”.

Research has shown that bruising treatments can give you the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time when used to treat Rosacea. So, if they’re right for you, they are a great choice. If not, we still find that our Rosacea patients do very well with non-bruising pulsed dye laser treatments too.

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