What is a Cherry Hemangioma?

spider hemangioma removal

We know you’ve seen them—those tiny, bright red bumps on your tummy, chest, back, arms or legs. They seem to pop up overnight, and you’re wondering if they’re okay? They’re called cherry hemangiomas (or angiomas) and they are extremely common. They also go by the names spider hemangiomas (or angiomas) and blood freckles. Even though it sounds funny, blood freckle may just be the most descriptive, as they literally are a collection of blood vessels in the skin.

Many middle-aged adults like you have them and they often increase in number over the years. They usually appear on your torso first, then spread to your arms and legs. They are almost always non-cancerous.

If you don’t like the way they look, we’ve got a solution! Class IV medical lasers and the hyfrecator are an excellent option for unwanted spider hemangiomas and can be safely used to get rid of them on all skin types (colors). Once treated, the hemangiomas are gone, but you may get more of them in different locations. Call today to learn more about angioma removal.

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