What is a Keloid?

Have you ever seen a keloid (bumpy, raised) scar and wondered why someone healed that way? Maybe you have one or more keloids and feel embarrassed or upset by the way they look. Keloid scars are easily recognizable, and the truth is, no one really knows exactly why they occur.

los angeles keloid scar removal

Keloid scars are very dense, raised and firm. The scar tissue of a keloid is very fibrous. Keloid scars differ from other types of raised, firm scars because they extend beyond the boundaries of the initial injury. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Commonly, they’re pink, red or brown. People with darker skin colors (especially Asians and African Americans) tend to develop keloids more frequently, but they can happen to anyone.  They can form after a traumatic injury, a surgery, a piercing, and sometimes spontaneously.

If you have a keloid and have been wondering how you can make it look better, we have had success with steroid injections.  If you’ve got a keloid scar and want to talk about having it removed, give us a call today.

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