What is a Port Wine Stain?

What is a Port Wine Stain?

A port wine stain is a type of birthmark. Rather than brown, it’s red and comprised of a network of very tiny blood vessels.

Most port wine stains develop on the face and neck, however, they can occur anywhere on the body. If you have a port wine stain and have considered removing it, laser treatment with pulsed dye lasers works very well.

Port wine stains can be large and deep red or purple in color (hence, the name), so they don’t cover easily with makeup. Pulsed dye laser treatment is perfect for these birthmarks because the light it emits is absorbed by the small blood vessels that make up the birthmark..

Treatment can take time and progress may seem slow at first, but pulsed dye laser treatment has been proven both safe and effective. If you’re ready to have your port wine stain treated, call us today to learn more!

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