What is Syringoma?

Do you have one or more tiny, raised bumps around your eyes or on your lower eyelids? If so, you may have syringoma, a fairly common condition that usually affects women. The bumps are pinpoint in size, usually between 1 and 3 millimeters. They are white, flesh-colored or yellow in appearance.

what is a syringoma

If you’re worried that they are a health risk, you can relax.  Syringoma are harmless, but are aggravating to patients like you because they change the texture of your skin. If you have them and want to get rid of them, we’ve got an option.

The two best ways to treat syringoma are with electrodessication and ablative laser treatments. Both these methods destroy the excess tissue that make up the syringoma. As you might imagine, treatment can be tricky since syringoma are small in size and close to your eyes, so pick a practitioner with the right equipment and experience.

Electrodessication uses a very fine needle that is inserted on top of the growth. It passes an electric current into the tissue, heating it up and shrinking it which makes it go away as it heals. Ablative laser therapy may involve an erbium or CO2 laser to vaporize the excess tissue! We typically refer electrodessication as the hyfrecator allows us to be very precise with the placement of heat energy.

If you have Syringoma and would like to learn more about treatment, call us today.

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