What is an Accessory (Extra) Nipple and How is it Treated?

Before you think having an accessory (extra) nipple sounds weird or crazy, keep in mind that it’s relatively common: about 1 in every 20 people has one! Accessory nipples can occur in both men and women and are not a sign of an underlying medical problem or genetic defect. Sometimes, in mammals (including humans) this excess tissue forms in the same vertical (up and down) plane just below the real nipple on the chest or abdomen.

extra nipple

Many people don’t even realize that they have one of these because the “extra” nipple is not as developed as your real ones. You may simply mistake it for a mole or skin tag. So, what do you do if you have one? Usually nothing! They are really a cosmetic concern, and there’s not a medical reason to remove them. Still, many people with accessory nipples want to have them removed.

The best treatment is surgical excision by either a qualified general surgeon or a plastic surgeon. The reason that the nipple requires surgery is that it may reoccur if all the tissue is not completely removed. If you decide to pursue surgical excision and wind up with a scar from your procedure, we can help you with class IV medical lasers. These devices are excellent for reducing excessive color and improving the texture of scar tissue.

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