What is Coolbeam Laser?

What is Coolbeam Laser?

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We know that trying to make heads or tails of all the laser information out there can be difficult if not impossible for the average person. The recent advances and breakthroughs in laser medicine are amazing and the number of devices and the companies that market them has skyrocketed in recent years. One of our guiding principles is patient education. We believe in providing the highest level of patient care, and to accomplish that, educate our patients on all aspects of their care.


One of the most frequently asked questions that reinforces our dedication to this end is what are the main differences between [laser A] and [laser B]? And often, as is the case with Coolbeam or “Cool laser” as it’s also called, we often educate our patients about devices that we don’t use ourselves. To discuss this device with our patients, we sought out a local provider that uses it to have them educate us on what it is, how it works and what its used for.


The Coolbeam laser is a type of fractionated erbium laser used for resurfacing the skin in procedures such as facial rejuvenation, stretch mark removal and improving acne scars.  A similar laser that we use at Celibre is the Sciton Profractional. It is also a fractionated erbium laser that we’ve used successfully to treat many of the same conditions.


Since we’ve never actually laid hands on a Coolbeam laser, we can’t discuss the subtle differences between it and our Sciton laser. But since the two are very similar technologies that use the same type of energy source, they are fundamentally very alike. We can discuss the results that we’ve achieved with the Sciton laser and share some actual patient photos with you like those on this page. As you can see, it’s very effective for the treatment of unwanted acne scarring.


Whichever device you choose for your treatment, make sure that you ask about the technology itself in addition to the cost. Understanding the potential risks and benefits of any procedure along with what you can expect in terms of improvement and downtime will go a long way toward being happy with your treatment!

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