What is Rosacea?

Do you have Rosacea?  Redness, irritation, flaking and pimples well past your mid-twenties?  While you may know about the facial redness that goes along with Rosacea, maybe you weren’t aware that these other symptoms can be caused by it too? While treatments can certainly keep Rosacea under control, unfortunately it can be chronic and has no known cure.  Read on to learn more and find out how pulsed dye lasers can help you.

los angeles laser rosacea treatment before and after photoslos angeles laser rosacea treatment before and after photosRosacea involves chronic skin inflammation. This inflammation over time stimulates the small blood vessels in your cheeks, nose and chin to become enlarged. These blood vessels, called telangectasias (small capillaries), are what causes the redness of your rosacea. These small blood vessels can often be accompanied by burning, flaking and pimple like eruptions. If this process goes unchecked for a long time, the chronic irritation can cause permanent changes in skin texture. This can also change the appearance of our nose, making it look larger, bulbous, and swollen. This is called rhinophyma.

Why people get Rosacea is still a mystery. We believe that there are several factors at play: genetics, environmental exposure, stress and an imbalance of otherwise normal bacteria living on your skin. While you can’t change your genes, you can control some of the Rosacea triggers. Proper skincare products, sun protection and avoidance of foods (spicy, etc.) and beverages (alcohol, hot drinks, etc.) that trigger flare ups can help keep it under better control.

At Celibre Medical, we help you understand your Rosacea better.  In addition to helping you understand those triggers that cause Rosacea flares, we use FDA-approved pulsed dye lasers to diminish the appearance of redness and small blood vessels.  This not only helps with your appearance but can slow down the development of the condition.

No, we can’t cure Rosacea. But with proper care, we can help you can gain control over it. Contact us today to learn more about controlling your Rosacea.

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