Will Acne Scars Improve After Laser Treatments

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It is a proven fact that our skin and tissue continues to respond and improve even when laser treatments have finished. This is based on a known theory called “the lag effect.”

The lag effect refers to how our bodies continue to make collagen to improve the texture of the skin after the laser treatments have finished. The same improvement over time is true in regard to pigmented acne scars that are red or brown. Research and experience shows that the lag effect in response to laser treatments may be as long as six months after the last laser treatment. Although much hard work occurs during the treatment plan, our bodies continue to hear after the laser treatment program has ended.

While laser technology is certainly compelling and fascinating, so too is the body’s amazing ability to heal. Time and lag effect – a good combination. See below for a visual presentation of the “lag effect” with tattoo removal procedures.

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