Will Botox Freeze My Face?

Understanding How Botox Works

This is not only a common question but a common misconception. Botox works by relaxing the muscle by inhibiting the neurotransmitter needed for muscle contraction. This effect is very specific and temporary. The goal of Botox injections is to relax the particular facial muscles that cause fine lines, wrinkles, and creases.

Botox Really Freeze My Face? before and after pictures anaheim botox injections before and after pictures

At Celibre, our team believes in achieving a natural look wherein some muscle function is maintained for animation and expression while minimizing the strong contractions of the muscles that lead to unwanted outcomes.

Always express your concerns and questions to the Botox practitioner so that they may provide you with the appropriate feedback and education. If they are not willing to involve you in this process, look for another facility that does.

Millions of people in the United States receive Botox injections on a regular basis not only because of its proven safety record but also because of the desired, predictable outcomes.

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