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Get Rid of Arm Hair

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Many women (and some men) feel self-conscious about excessive, thick and/or dark arm hair. If you’re similarly affected and want to get rid of arm hair, consider laser hair removal – an effective and permanent solution to excessive arm hair.

To get rid of arm hair with lasers, heat energy from the laser is developed when the dark hair absorbs light. The heat from this interaction shuts off the blood flow to the hair follicle, resulting in the permanent closure of the blood vessels, which prevents future hair re-growth. While using lasers can appear to be more expensive than relying on alternative means such as waxing to get rid of arm hair, this is actually not true. The fact that you’ll have to return for follow up waxing treatments every few weeks quickly results in a long term cost that is much higher than laser arm hair removal.

Lasers require 6-8 treatments in order to achieve maximum efficiency, result in permanent hair removal at the completion of the treatment course. You’ll never need to spend another dime to get rid of arm hair, or hair on any other area of the body for that matter.

Moreover, you’ll discover that lasers cause significantly less discomfort than waxing in helping you get rid of arm hair. Lasers will also keep your skin from being irritated and the hair will never grow back. View our Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photo Gallery.

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