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Age Spot Removal Prices

Laser age spot removal prices vary based upon the type and number of treatments as well as the experience of the practice.  It’s very common in our industry for age spots (sun spots, liver spots) to be treated with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or q-switched lasers.  Both are options for treatment, but they often do not have the same total cost.

IPL treatments will vary depending on who is doing the treatment (Nurse, physician assistant, MD) and also how much time they spend on the visit.  IPL can be a very quick treatment and we usually see it priced between $200 – $400 per visit.  Although the number of visits will vary from patient to patient, it is usually recommended by practices that use IPL that 4-5 treatments are required to achieve desired results.

Q-switched lasers are a different technology than IPL.  Because q-switched lasers are designed to remove tattoos and brown birthmarks, they typically have fewer treatments associated with removing age spots permanently.  In our practice 1-3 visits are typically required and prices vary between $200 – $750 per treatment depending on how many areas we are doing.

When you choose a practitioner for sun spot removal ask about which technology is being used, the total cost of the program and how many treatments are expected to permanently remove the sun damage.


Age Spot Removal Before and After Photos

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