Sun Spot Laser Treatment

Sun Spot Laser Treatment

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When you come to Celibre Medical Corporation for laser treatment of your sun spots, we want you to know that we are using the latest, most up-to-date and frankly, the best laser technology available. There are a few different laser technologies to target pigmentation (or melanin), and while we do offer treatments such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), we specifically recommend our q-switched lasers for the treatment of individual sun spots or age spots.


Q-switching doesn’t really refer to the energy source of the laser, but more of how the energy is delivered. Without getting too heavy into laser physics, it’s a way engineers designed the laser’s pulse width. The pulse width is the amount of time over which one pulse is delivered to the skin. For a q-switched laser, the pulse width is a billionth of a second! This is much, much faster than other, non-q-switched lasers. Imagine you swing a bat at a glass window. If you swing slowly or lazily, you might break it, but the pieces might be bigger and number in the 10’s or 100’s. Now imagine swinging that bat as fast as you can, 100%, full-force. You’re going to shatter that window, causing the pieces of glass to be small and number in the 1000’s. Q-switching is like that – a fast, power-packed punch!

When melanocytes with too much melanin are targeted with a q-switched laser, they are essentially shattered, just like that window. This allows your body to reabsorb the aftermath, sort of like picking up all the pieces of glass! The best part of a q-switched laser treatment for sun spots is that they go away forever! These lasers permanently destroy the abnormal melanocytes and your body replaces them with normal ones, returning your skin back to its normal color.

Celibre Medical Corporation’s laser specialists have treated thousands of patients with sun spots (freckles, age spots and liver spots) in the Los Angeles area with our q-switched lasers. It’s a fairly quick and easy procedure that doesn’t have any downtime. Our patients can get right back to work, home or school after leaving the office. While the time investment is small, the payoff is big: clearer, healthier looking skin! Don’t wait another day!

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