Sun Spot Laser Treatment Cost

Sun Spot Laser Treatment Cost

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Our practice uses both IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and q-switched laser treatments to treat unwanted, dark sun spots and sun damage. Both are good treatments, but each is a little different in terms of the number of treatments necessary, so they will vary in cost.


At Celibre, an MD, PA or RN can do IPL treatments. While all of our laser providers are highly trained and qualified to perform IPL, the cost of each provider’s time to perform the treatment will vary. As a rule, IPL is a pretty quick treatment to have done. Our price range is anywhere from $200-$400 per treatment. IPL is an excellent treatment for someone with more diffuse sun damage that has multiple shades of pigmentation. However, most people with this type of sun damage will need a series of IPLs to really see big changes in their skin. Through the years, we’ve found our patients need a series of 4-5 IPL treatments to be happy with their results.

Celibre’s q-switched lasers for pigmentation are different from IPL. They are great for targeting larger or more individual age or sun spots. The price of treatment can vary depending on how many spots or how many areas need to be treated, but the usual range is $200-$700 per treatment. While q-switched lasers work extremely well, our experience shows most of our patients need anywhere from 1-3 treatments to completely and permanently clear their sun spots.

At Celibre Medical, we want you to understand all aspects of your laser treatment plan for sun damage and sun spots. We will take our time to explain and discuss all the treatment options that we think will give you the very best results. We will always be up front with you about cost and number of treatments. As with all the treatments we provide, our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver

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