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Lip Shaping with Dermal Fillers

When shaping the mouth and lips, it is important not to forget the details that contribute to a symmetrical and natural appearance of the mouth and lips. Philtral columns – those vertical ridges above the lips that connect to the underside of the nose – are a subtle way to achieve a natural and symmetrical mouth and lip enhancement. These columns are what give the mouth the “cupids bow“. They contribute to the natural shape of the mouth and help maintain a more youthful appearance to the mouth and lips.

Restylane for a Cupid’s Bow

As we age, the area between the base of the nose to the upper lip border flattens and elongates. This change also coincides with a thinning of the upper lip margin. By using a very small amount of cosmetic dermal fillers (ex. Juvederm, Restylane), it is possible to add more structure and support in the area of the philtral columns. This in turn leads to a slight upturning or eversion at the midpoint of the upper lip making the lips appear fuller and more symmetrical. Our patients are amazed at how such a simple technique with a limited amount of dermal filler product leads to such an dramatic reshaping of the lip and mouth.

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