What Is The Tear Trough Injection Procedure?

Tear Trough Injections: Restoring Youthful Under-Eye Appearance

Although the eyes are considered the “windows to the soul”, they also are the frame of the face. As that facial frame changes, we become more aware of the aging process as it relates to the sagging and thinning of the skin under our eyes. Although Botox Cosmetic is commonly used to resolve or soften the fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes (crow’s feet) and to provide a natural brow lift above the eyes, Botox cannot address the hollowness and dark color under the eyes. To address the issue of bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and volume loss under the eyes we offer a procedure called “tear trough” injections with Restylane or Juvederm.

Tear Trough Injection before photoTear Trough Injection after photo

As we age, the fat pads directly under the eyes begin to descend and a hollow area, void, or groove appears in their place that separates the upper cheek from the lower eyelid. The skin may also be affected as volume is lost which results in a crepe-like appearance below the eye. Using small amounts of dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, we are able to subtly restore volume to this area, improving the appearance of eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. There is very little discomfort with the tear trough injection procedure to improve dark circles and eye bags, and the immediate outcomes are quite rewarding.

The tear trough area is quite unforgiving, so make certain to choose a Los Angeles Restylane or Juvederm practitioner that is skilled in this technique and offers before and after photos of actual patients.

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