What Should I Expect from My Acne Scar Treatment?

Unlocking Smooth Skin: Our Acne Scarring Treatment Approach

If you’re like most of our acne scarring patients that come through our doors. You’re more than ready to get started! You’ve finally found the right place, the right provider, the right everything, and you just want smooth, normal-looking skin! But at Celibre Medical, we believe we wouldn’t be taking. The best care of you if we didn’t have a discussion upfront on what our acne laser treatment program can and can’t do for you.

The first thing we discuss is that you are a unique individual!  Nothing about your acne or your scarring is exactly the same as any other person we have ever treated. There are lots of things that make your case different from someone else. The type and severity of your scars, your skin type, and the type and number of treatments. That you will need will all impact what you can expect to see after treatment.

Also, there is no “magic” laser that can make everything disappear. While it can be hard to tell you the exact degree of improvement you can expect from the treatment. We can tell you we will only suggest something that we think will make your skin look better—not perfect. We have over 20 different lasers. That we can choose from to customize a treatment plan that really fits your needs. We will make it very clear if we think a series of treatments or more than one type of treatment. Will be needed for you to see your skin look better. We will never promise you something that we cannot deliver.

Treating acne scarring is difficult; it takes a level of experience, communication, knowledge, and technology that’s hard to find. That’s why practices that specialize in it are few and far between! But we do, and we have successfully helped many people like you suffering from acne scars. We believe the key to our success is helping you understand what to expect from treatment. By setting the right expectation early, our patients are thrilled when we deliver results above and beyond them. To read more about some of our happy patients, please click on our testimonials.

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