How Much Will it Cost to Treat my Acne Scars?

There’s not one, single answer to this question. Since every case of acne is different, every case of acne scarring is too. The cost of treating your acne scars really boils down to the type of treatment that you will need and the number of them necessary to see improvement.

Celibre Medical offers multiple different treatment options for acne scarring: topical bleaching products for darker scars, laser resurfacing for textured scars, filler injections for wide, indented scars and pulsed dye laser treatments for red scars. Each of these costs something different, and the best treatment program for you may cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand.

We understand the struggle of living with acne scars daily, and we also understand that when you’re looking for a place to go for treatment, cost is an important factor to you. We would ask you to consider a few other things (besides cost) that we believe are extremely important when choosing a practice to treat your acne scars:

  • What experience does the practice have treating acne scarring? How many patients have they treated in the past?
  • Can they share any before and after pictures of patients that they’ve previously treated with you? Are there any specific cases, like yours, where they can show you they were able to achieve improvement?
  • What laser technologies do they have available to treat acne scars? Which ones would they recommend for you and why?

We understand you want to be cost-conscious. We do too! But we also believe that patients should understand all of the treatment options available to them, the risks and benefits of each, and have an accurate expectation of what the recommended treatments can and can’t do for them. You may not be getting all of this at rock bottom pricing. And in the end, don’t you want to get what you pay for? If you’re not paying much, then you may not be getting much either.

Come see one of our laser experts today. Let us talk and walk you through our laser treatment program, specifically tailored to you and your acne scarring. We can help you understand all of your treatment options and our consultations are totally free! Please give us a call today.

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