Birthmark Removal Treatment

Birthmark Removal Treatment

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Birthmarks Treatment – Celibre Medical treats unwanted birthmarks with q-switched and pulsed dye lasers.


If your birthmark is brown and raised, textured, or has any hair growth, then it shouldn’t be treated with laser. These types of birthmarks respond much better to surgical excision (removal).

Laser treatment of birthmarks can involve much variability. What worked for your friend or your sister, may not work the same for you. There are many factors involved in the successful laser treatment of birthmarks, including the fact that each one is different and unique.

Although we do our best to anticipate the outcome of your birthmark removal treatment, we can’t always predict it correctly. In some cases, a birthmark that we think we can get rid of completely only resolves by 50%. And sometimes, we may need to do 4-6 treatments on a birthmark instead of the 2-3 that we estimated at your consultation. It’s simply because of the wide variability in the types of birthmarks we treat.

What exactly does our q-switched laser do? It uses very intensely, short bursts of energy (millionths of a second) to break up melanin into small little pieces so that your body can remove them. When we do this enough over time, the spot disappears and the skin tone becomes more like that of the unaffected, surrounding skin. For red birthmarks, the pulsed dye lasers generate enough heat when they interact with the blood vessels such that the small vessels close and retract below the surface of the skin.

During the treatment itself, the light energy passes harmlessly through the upper layers of skin and be absorbed by the darker melanin or blood vessels. This may cause you to feel a hot, tingling sensation. We will make every accommodation to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Treatment sessions generally last 15-30 minutes and there is no downtime after. You may return immediately to work or school after treatment. Ready to come to see us about getting rid of that embarrassing birthmark? We’re ready to help. Come see us today.

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