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Celibre Medical treats unwanted, brown birthmarks with one of two, powerful q-switched lasers and our Sciton Profractional laser which all target the melanin or pigment within the birthmark. Our goal is to educate and include you in the treatment process. This is true for any and all of our laser procedures…not just birthmark removal! An important part of this is discussing what expectations you should have for laser treatment of your birthmark.

First, if your birthmark is raised, textured or has any hair growth, then it shouldn’t be treated with laser. These types of birthmarks respond much better to surgical excision or removal. We will always be honest on what our limitations are and what treatment we think is the most appropriate for you and your individual situation.

Next, we want you to be aware that laser treatment of birthmarks can have a lot of variability. What we mean by this is that what worked for your friend or your sister, may not work the same way or as well for you. There are many, complicated factors involved in the laser treatment of birthmarks, and even though you think yours looks just like hers did, that may not mean that you will have the same response to treatment.

Lastly, we will be as up front and honest with you as we can be. We want you to be 100%, completely satisfied with your treatment. Although we always do our best to tell you what we think your outcome will be, we can’t always predict that correctly. Sometimes a birthmark that we think we can get to completely disappear only resolves by 50% with treatment. And sometimes, we may need to do 4-6 treatments on a birthmark instead of the 2-3 that we discussed with you at your consultation.

All of this is to say that we do our very best to give you the best possible outcome that we can when we treat your brown birthmark with one of our q-switched lasers or our Sciton Profractional, but despite that, sometimes we can’t get it done as quickly or as completely as we thought we could. This is not intentional or due to incompetence. We are the best in the business, we promise. It’s simply because of the wide variability that there is in laser treatment of these types of birthmarks. It’s the “nature of the beast” so to say. Regardless, you can rest assured we will always give you the best plan and our best effort, but your expectation can be the difference between you being happy with your end result or not. So we will talk a lot about that with you before we ever fire any of our lasers on your birthmark.

Now, just what exactly does our q-switched laser do? Well, it uses very intense, short bursts of energy to break up melanin into small little pieces that your body can actually remove. If we do this enough over time, the spot will disappear and the skin tone will become more like that of the unaffected, surrounding skin.

During the treatment itself, the light energy will pass harmlessly through the upper layers of skin and be absorbed by the melanin. This may cause you to feel a hot, tingling sensation in the treatment area. Don’t worry, it is very tolerable and we will make every accommodation to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Treatment sessions generally last 15-30 minutes and there is no downtime after. You may immediately return to work, school or home afterwards.

Occasionally, we need to bring in our fractional resurfacing device, the Sciton Profractional. This laser is similar to “Fraxel” if you are more familiar with that terminology. It can help us treat tough or stubborn brown birthmarks that didn’t budge or change much with q-switch technology. It works by ablating or vaporizing the your brown birthmark. But it doesn’t take all of the skin in an area; only small amounts of affected skin (in a grid-like pattern) are removed at one time. This allows for much faster healing and less downtime, but gives us pretty impressive results! By breaking up the pigment, we can trigger your body to help clear it away and get rid of your brown birthmark.

Ready to come see us about getting rid of that embarrassing brown birthmark? We’re ready to help. Please come see us today. Your consultation is totally free and one of our laser experts can guide you through a treatment plan that’s tailored just for you.

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