What Will Laser Treatment of My Brown Birthmark Cost?

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Typically, the larger the birthmark that is treated, the more the cost will be. You also need to consider that multiple treatments will be necessary and some types of birthmarks may need several sessions, while others only need a few. Lastly, different technologies will carry different costs. If we have to use our fractional laser, then that can add to the cost as well. When you put all of these factors together, laser treatment of a brown birthmark can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

For brown birthmarks, it is a much faster and easier process when we use our q-switch laser to treat them. Because of this, treatment will generally cost less. For an average size brown birthmark, the ballpark figure is about $275-$550 per treatment.

If we find that your birthmark doesn’t respond to q-switched lasers, then we will try our Sciton Profractional. This will cost more, and pricing is dependent on many different factors. Rest assured though, that our talented Celibre providers will always do their very best to let you know from the very beginning if we think this may be a possibility. We will always discuss pricing of any treatment that we think is appropriate for your birthmark before we treat you. Our focus is on helping you achieve your treatment goals, plain and simple. You are part of our team, and open communication with you about every step of your plan is part of our pledge to you when you choose Celibre Medical as your provider.

We have the knowledge, experience and technology to help almost anyone with any type of unwanted brown birthmark. If you’ve thought about seeking treatment, but just aren’t sure, please give us a call to schedule your consultation at either of our Orange County or Los Angeles offices today. It won’t cost you anything, and one of our dedicated laser providers can help you decide if laser treatment of your brown birthmark is right for you.


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