Acne Scar Treatment Cost

Acne Scar Treatment Cost

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Because the treatment of acne scarring is so diverse and individualized, it’s really hard to give a ballpark cost. The type and number of treatments that you may need will all factor into the cost of treating your acne scarring.


At Celibre Medical, we have found that an acne scar treatment program can cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousands of dollars.

When you’re considering where to go to have your acne scars treated, it’s important to consider a few things. Yes, we totally understand and agree that cost matters. But paying for a treatment that’s not right for your type of scarring is like throwing money out the window. We encourage you to do your research. Ask questions. Does the facility your considering treat acne scars regularly? Do they have any before and after photos or patient testimonials? How many laser technologies do they have and more importantly, how do they use them for acne scars?

Make sure you understand who is going to be performing your treatment as well. What experience does this person have with the device they are using?  How many patients with acne scarring have they taken care of? If it’s not something they do regularly, then it might not be the best place to go, even if it’s the lowest cost option.

Remember, there is value in experience and expertise. You wouldn’t let someone who doesn’t know how to cut hair give you a haircut, so why would you choose someone who doesn’t treat acne scars to treat your acne scarring? It matters and it’s important.

Also, consider the technologies that a facility or practice has available to use. If you’ve read through this entire section, then you understand acne scarring is a complicated and diverse problem to treat. If a practice only has one or two lasers at their disposal to use, sure, they may use them to treat you, but you may not see any results if they’re not the right choices for your type(s) of scars.

At Celibre, we want to build a partnership of trust with you. We’ve got the knowledge, the tools and the expertise to treat this frustrating, complex problem. All we are missing is you! Please give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you and developing the acne scarring treatment program that totally meets your needs!

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