How We Corrected a Cheek Deformity with Restylane Lyft Injections

We understand there are a lot of choices for you out there when you’re looking to have a cosmetic injection.  So, before you choose your provider based on price, consider the following case.  This case highlights the importance of understanding the risks of a procedure as well as the importance of understanding the experience of whomever you choose for your injections.

We see a fair number of unfortunate and unusual cases where patients come to us from other practices, but this one was particularly striking.  Fortunately, we were able to help this patient, and we wanted to share it with you because it highlights the importance of educating yourself before consenting to any cosmetic treatment.

This patient came to us after she had been treated by another physician with steroid injections to remove Juvederm from her cheek area. Typically, steroids are NOT used for the removal of dermal filler products, but the patient was positive that this was the treatment she was given despite our repeated questioning.

Steroid injections can be very valuable in treating acne cysts, scars, etc., but they do have risks. They work by atrophying or “shrinking” the tissue that they are injected into. While this may be helpful if there is excess or inflamed tissue present, it can be damaging if there isn’t. That is how this patient claimed she developed this large indentation in her cheek.

As you can imagine, she was very unhappy and distressed by the appearance of her cheek and wanted to know if there was a way to help it look more natural and normal again. We discussed using Restylane Lyft in the area. Our experience with this product is that it is a thick, sturdy filler that is ideal for adding volume, especially in the cheek area. After discussing the treatment extensively with the patient, we injected her with 1cc (or one syringe) of Restylane Lyft. As you can see from her photos, she was beyond ecstatic with her results and so were we.

By choosing the correct dermal filler product, we were able to provide soft, natural-looking results. At Celibre Medical, we pledge to you that we will answer all questions that you have regarding your treatment and even tell you if treatment is potentially harmful or not beneficial for your needs and goals. We’ll take the time to listen and we want to develop a lasting relationship.

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If you’re tired of looking tired under your eyes, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Surgery isn’t always the only option; in fact, for many people with under-eye hollowing or bags, treatment with injectable dermal fillers can provide dramatic and long-lasting improvement and maybe a better choice.  Here’s why:

As we age, the delicate, thin skin around the eye thins even more. We lose precious collagen which triggers the changes of darkness and wrinkling. Time also causes the normal fat that surrounds the eyeball to push through the circular muscle that surrounds the eye, making the lower eyelids look swollen and puffy. Losing volume in the middle part of the face (the cheeks and cheekbones) can also cause the eyes to look aged by accentuating these changes and making the groove or tear trough beneath the eye more prominent.

Restylane is an excellent hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that can be used to correct and camouflage these unwanted changes. It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, replaces volume for indentations, and helps smooth the transition between a bulging fat pad in the lower lid and the cheek. At Celibre Medical, Restylane is our number one product to use for under-eye bags.

To give you a better idea of what Restylane can do for the eyes, please look at our patient’s photos below. This gentleman could have also chosen under eye surgery, as he has quite a bit of excess skin beneath his eyes. He opted instead for Restylane injections because he wanted immediate results and he didn’t mind the thought of re-treatment in the future. Restylane, coupled with the right injection techniques, gave him some very nice results that he was very pleased with. As you can see, it is possible to achieve dramatic change with a non-surgical approach.

Under Eye Bags Before PhotoUnder Eye Bags After Restylane Photo

Injection Technique Matters for Under Eye Injections

While the skill and technique of your injector are important regardless of the area being treated, we feel it is important to say that proper technique is essential when using dermal filler injections beneath the eyes. It can be the difference between you looking worse and looking amazing afterward!

Injectors at Celibre are all highly trained and experienced in injection techniques that place the filler product “under the muscle” when treating the area beneath the eye. This technique ensures that your filler looks smooth and natural. When done improperly in the incorrect plane of tissue around the eye, dermal HA fillers can bruise severely and look uneven and lumpy.

Make sure to discuss the experience of your injector as well as the techniques that will be used for your under-eye filler before treatment. Before and after photos can help you gauge the skill of your injector as well as help you understand what this treatment can and can’t do for you.

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If you’re considering Restylane injections, then you likely want to know what to expect after your injections. Restylane is an injectable dermal filler made up of hyaluronic acid (HA). There are a few other HA fillers available in addition to Restylane (such as Juvederm, Restylane Lyft, and Silk); and while all these products are used in slightly different ways, the recovery period for all is generally the same.

downtime for restylane injections before and after pictures downtime for restylane injections before and after pictures

Restylane Before and after photos

Bruising and swelling are the two most common side effects of Restylane injections. Just like other side effects, the severity can vary from patient to patient. It’s difficult to predict beforehand how any one patient will be affected by bruising or swelling.

We tell all our patients planning to have Restylane injections that they may need a few days of “social downtime” afterward. This means that they will feel fine but may not look exactly right to go out and be around co-workers, friends, or classmates. All patients benefit from the use of cold compresses or small ice packs gently applied off and on to the treated area, and usually, a bit of makeup is all that is necessary to hide a bruise.

All in all, there really isn’t true “downtime” after Restylane injections. But, if you’re planning on having your treatment prior to a big event (wedding, reunion, pictures, etc.), you should schedule your treatment at least two weeks before to make sure you’re looking top-notch for your big day. Read more about Some Facial Shaping Techniques and  Removing Wrinkles.

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“How can I change my what?” you may be asking. The oral commissure is the term that cosmetic professionals use to describe the area at the corner(s) of your mouth. Yes, it’s that spot where you’ve noticed a line or crease forming under the corners of the mouth! Although it’s a small area, correcting this age-related change with dermal filler injections can make a big change in your appearance.

The oral commissures are an extension of the “laugh lines”. If you aren’t sure what this term refers to, it is the area beside the nose that extends down to the corners of the mouth. As we age, the skin in this area thins and the cheeks droop. Combined with other structural and volume-related changes in the face, a permanent line can form. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to stop having fun—laugh lines can easily be smoothed with dermal filler injections.

We can also develop creases that extend from the corners of the mouth down the sides of the chin. These are the oral commissures. Volume and structural changes in the chin along with thinning skin and repeated motion trigger their formation.  Rest assured, injections of dermal fillers such as Restylane, Restylane Lyft, Radiesse or Juvederm provide natural and soft smoothing to this area.

Changing the look of your oral commissures (the laugh lines) can rejuvenate the appearance of your chin, mouth, and lips. So, go ahead and smile…you’ll look even happier after this treatment!


oral commissures chin rejuvenation restylane los angeles before and after pictures oral commissures chin rejuvenation restylane los angeles before and after pictures

Restylane Before and After Pictures

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We all see changes in our faces as we age. One area that is often overlooked is the chin. Believe it or not, changes in your chin can have a BIG impact on the way your mouth, lips, and smile looks. Have you noticed that your once full, rounded chin looks now looks indented, hollow, or more angular? Chin rejuvenation with a dermal filler such as Restylane may be just what you need to help you and your lower face look full, round, and balanced again.

restylane chin injections los angeles before and after pictures restylane chin injections los angeles before and after pictures

The chin area can lose volume as we age, much like our cheeks, under eyes, and lips. And like these other areas, dermal fillers can be used to help reverse unwanted changes. If your chin is hollow or has convex (like a bowl) depressions on both sides, Restylane can be used in this area to reshape and restore volume here. This not only helps your chin look more rounded, but also provides much-needed support for your lower lip. Restylane here also helps lift the corners of your mouth. This helps you look happier, even when you’re not smiling!

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Restylane is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler used for the correction of fine lines, folds, and shaping of the face. Restylane injections typically provide good outcomes for anywhere between three to six months with the average length of time being four months for patients new to Restylane treatment.

Experience and research support that Restylane injections may last longer with consistent use of fillers (every 4-6 months). This is related to the body’s response to make collagen in the treated areas – a good thing! Medicis (the manufacturer of Restylane) has now provided research to support that benefits may last as long as eighteen months but only when used consistently. Technique and areas being treated will also have a role in the longevity of the Restylane injections.

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Perlane is a cosmetic dermal filler for correcting deeper folds, adding facial volume, and providing facial shaping. Perlane is from the manufacturer of Restylane, Medicis. Although Perlane is similar to Restylane in that it is a hyaluronic acid filler, it has larger particles than Restylane. This means Perlane injections allow for more volume and increased longevity.

perlane los angeles before and after picturesperlane los angeles before and after picturesGenerally, the effects of Perlane injections will last from six to nine months.

For those patients that utilize more than one syringe or combine Perlane and Restylane, they will most likely experience longer-lasting benefits and/or more dramatic outcomes.

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Botox Duration

The duration of your Botox injections depends on the amount of product injected, the individual, and the practitioner. Most of our patients see the benefits of Botox for approximately 3-4 months. If you are experiencing effects that last less than 3 months, you should discuss this with your Botox injector to determine if the proper dosing and appropriate technique were used.

Forehead Botox

For example, a typical glabella (between the eyes) injection uses 20 units of Botox and lasts for 3-1/2 to 4 months. If you are not getting this duration, you may be a patient that metabolizes the drug more quickly than most, you may not be getting proper injection technique from your practitioner or you may need more units injected.

Extending Your Botox Results

To get your Botox to last longer, consider this. Patients that use Botox consistently every 3-4 months in the first year end up extending the time between treatments by an average of 2-4 weeks. The reason is that Botox can weaken the muscles with repeated use, causing the drug to work longer when used consistently.

los angeles botox before picture los angeles botox after picture
3-4 Month Botox Duration

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Has your lipstick started to wander? Instead of staying put on your lips, do you find it creeps into those pesky vertical lines above and below the lips? If so, you’re not alone. Many women are bothered by those lines, which are often referred to as smoker’s lines. Don’t smoke? Most people with them don’t. They simply form over time and typically occur from a combination of muscular contraction and volume loss around the mouth.

restylane los angeles for smokers lines before and after pictures

restylane los angeles for smokers lines before and after pictures

Here is what happens: the muscle that encircles the mouth is called the orbicularis oris. It’s shaped like the letter “O” and when it contracts, it pulls the lips into a pucker. We make this expression with a lot of different activities besides smoking—drinking from straws and water bottles, kissing, and sometimes, a pucker is an involuntary facial expression that happens when we concentrate or are unhappy with something. The thought used to be that repeated contractions alone were responsible for smoker’s lines, but we now know that’s only part of the story. The skin around the mouth thins as we age, and we also lose some of the natural volume or “padding” in this area too which all contribute to their formation.

So, you’re ready to give up puckering for life, right? Don’t do that just yet! There are actually several simple and effective solutions to smoker’s lines: laser resurfacing, Botox (Dysport), and dermal fillers! Laser resurfacing can eliminate finely etched lines and improve the texture of the skin.  Botox (Dysport) can be used to relax the muscle and dermal fillers replace lost volume and stimulate collagen production.

At Celibre Medical, we used an advanced technique with dermal fillers for the correction of smoker’s lines. Previous techniques focused on placing tiny bits of filler just beneath the skin’s surface up and down each of these lines. This was not only tedious and time-consuming for the injector, it really hurt to have all those needles poke too! We often would notice that once the filler was placed in this way, you could almost see an elevated “ridge” of it beneath the line. Sometimes, this didn’t look any better (and maybe even looked worse!) than the lines that were there, to begin with.

We focus on placing dermal filler a bit deeper and more perpendicular to smokers’ lines. This is the most current and up-to-date injection method for soft, natural-looking correction of smoker’s lines. It’s much more tolerable for patients and there is zero risk of clumping or ridging of the filler like we described above. We’ve also found that by using this technique, we can get a better correction for the same amount (or less) of dermal filler which saves you money! Less pain for less money and look better—sounds like a win-win. This is just another reason to do your homework and research your injector on their experience, training, results, and expertise before you sit down in that treatment chair.


The art and technique of facial shaping

Wrinkle Prevention Tips

Smoker’s Lines Free Consultations

Restylane Before and After Photos

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The answer is simple: men like you benefit from Botox in exactly the same way as women do.  Botox works just as effectively for men as it does for women, and we often treat men and women in the same facial areas. The major difference between men and women using Botox is that women are much more likely to tell their friends about it! It’s still more socially acceptable for women to have Botox than men, but we’re finding that that’s quickly changing!

A man’s face ages in much the same way as a woman’s. Over time, repeated contractions of the muscles of the forehead and between and around the eyes can create deep lines, wrinkles, and creases that contribute to an aged appearance. And while society may view and accept male aging as a mark of wisdom and distinction, many men feel differently. They worry about looking older just like women and want options to fight it. Botox relaxes muscle contractions, smoothing skin and returning a more rested and youthful appearance.

We also find that many men have much stronger facial muscles than women, as men tend to have more muscle mass naturally. Higher doses of Botox might be necessary, but we still use Botox in the same places: between the eyes (glabella), around the eyes (crow’s feet), and the forehead. Usually, we find that the longevity of Botox is about the same for both.

So, yes, men can and do benefit from Botox. More and more of them are becoming faithful Botox users and discovering the simple yet effective way Botox helps renew and refresh their appearance in a natural yet dramatic way.

* botox for men forehead before picturebotox for men forehead after picture
Botox for men before and after photos

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