Botox Brow Lift

As we age, most of us experience a heavy droopiness in the brow area and eyelids. It may appear as if the eyebrows are lower on the face. The upper eyelids become heavier and more hooded, and a sleepy or tired look is looking back at you in the mirror. In many cases, a surgical brow lift or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is ideal and offers long-term, if not, permanent results.

Botox brow lift before photoBotox brow lift after photo

For many that do not want to consider surgery, a good option is a Botox brow lift. Although Botox does not address the issue of sagging or loose skin, it is extremely beneficial in relaxing key facial muscles that pull the face down and in. Relaxing these facial muscles with Botox has a lifting appearance on the upper eyelid and brow.

When using Botox Cosmetic, facial muscles are generally divided into two categories. The first group is brow elevators and the second is brow depressors. By targeting the brow depressors (those muscles pulling down on the brow) with Botox, the muscles become relaxed enough to provide a beautiful, natural lifting of the brow. This is achieved by proper dosing and meticulous technique in the muscles between the brows and the strong muscle surrounding the eyes. This Botox brow lift results in a nice natural arching of the brows, smoothing of the “crow’s feet”, and a more refreshed appearance for the eyes.

Most patients are concerned with a “done” or unnatural look when considering Botox treatments. However, our goal is for you to look in the mirror and recognize a more youthful you.

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