Botox Side Effects

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If you’ve ever lost a wonderful hairstylist, you understand the difficulty and sometimes, painful process of finding a new one. A haircut is a lot more than just someone cutting your hair. It is a service that requires someone who not only will listen to your needs and wants but knows how to turn that information into a style that is right for your hair. Botox is very much the same. Yes, it is a product, and who you have injected it with can determine how it looks when it’s done if you like it, and most importantly, keep you from having an unwanted side effect.

Botox is a drug. If administered incorrectly, there can be side effects. And we aren’t just talking about botched Botox from spa parties or home Botox parties. Sometimes, we see unwanted side effects from Botox done at an MD’s office or the office of a non-medical practitioner of one sort or another. No matter where they come from, the reason behind them is usually always the same: the injections were done by an inexperienced and untrained practitioner. At Celibre Medical Corporation, we have a saying: “it’s the training and not the title” of your injector that makes all the difference in your Botox treatment.

So what exactly do we mean when we say “botched” Botox? Usually, it is puffy, swollen, or saggy eyelids and/or eyebrows. Known otherwise as ptosis, it is the most commonly seen side effect resulting from Botox injections done incorrectly. Sometimes though, we may see someone who’s having mild side effects from just having Botox introduced into their body. Things like tiredness, headache, neck pain, and dry mouth can happen.  Botox injections can also cause pain and tenderness at the injection sites and if the product diffuses deeper into the eye area, double vision, blurred vision, decreased eyesight, and dry eyes may all occur.

While all of these things sound scary, the bottom line is that although they are all possible, they generally do not happen when a licensed, trained injector treats you. In our state of California, the law requires that a qualified and experienced nurse, physician, or physician extender administer Botox injections. This ensures that you have someone with a great deal of medical training evaluating your ability to receive the drug (remember, Botox is a drug). Your medical history should always be reviewed, and if you’re female, this includes asking about pregnancy or breastfeeding, which are two things that are no-no’s when it comes to Botox injections.

Taking it one step further, Celibre Medical believes that the potential side effects of this drug along with the need for proper medical screening prior to treatment make it something that really should be done in a medical setting. That is why in our offices, you will not only have proper medical screening but you will also be educated on all of the potential risks and benefits of treatment so that you can truly be comfortable making the decision to have treatment. We believe that patient education is the key to good care, and we place you at the top of our priority list. And we don’t just do this for our Botox patients. We take the necessary steps to make sure every patient we see and treat with any procedure is evaluated and educated in this way. Successful treatment isn’t just about how our patients look and feel after it; for us, it’s also about earning the trust to build a long, healthy, and happy relationship with you as our patient!

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