Can Lasers Be Used to Treat Syringoma?

Are you seeing spots? Not in your eyes, but on the skin around them? If so, you may have syringoma. These are tiny, almost pinpoint, skin-colored bumps that pop up in your teens or twenties on the skin around and/or beneath your eyes. They don’t hurt and they typically don’t change with time, but unfortunately, they don’t go away on their own either.

what is a syringoma

Women tend to get them more and often notice them when their under-eye concealer or makeup won’t hide them. Even though they’re harmless, most people with syringoma would like a way to remove them.

As of now, there are only two ways to effectively remove these: electrodessication and class IV medical lasers. Electrodessication uses a very fine needle that harnesses a small electrical current to “burn” or “zap” the syringoma. It is not always effective at removing them as it is highly dependent on the practitioner’s technical skill and experience with it.

The erbium micro laser peel is an ablative laser treatment that can more effectively remove the skin and glandular tissue of syringoma. It’s a very delicate procedure and extreme care is taken as we are treating the thin, sensitive skin of the eyelids. If you’re a candidate for treatment, it can be a great way to get rid of these unwelcome, unwanted spots around the eyes.

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