Why Consider Dysport to Botox?

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Botox may be a household name, but we’d like to introduce you to its lesser-known cousin, Dysport. Dysport is an alternative to Botox, but it is the same drug, Botulinum toxin type A and it does the same wonderful job of smoothing away unwanted lines and wrinkles. Dysport was approved for use for the treatment of wrinkles between the eyes in the U.S. in 2009, but it’s been used in Europe since 1991. Because Botox had about a 10-year head start in the U.S., it is by far a more well-known and recognized name when it comes to cosmetic injections, but Dysport is gaining ground fast. We’d like to give you a few reasons why you should consider this alternative to Botox.

  1. Dysport works! Since 2012, we have transitioned over 500 Botox patients to Dysport and during that time, less than five people have left our practice because they just simply wanted Botox. Many of our patients are thrilled with their Dysport results and find it at the very least comparable, if not superior to Botox in terms of their results.
  2. Dysport is cheaper for us, so it’s cheaper for you! Since we don’t have to spend as much to buy Dysport, you don’t have to spend as much either. Because it is less expensive than Botox, we can effectively give you more equivalent units, passing along the savings to you in the form of more products. This translates to about a 10-20% longer duration of action for those treated with Dysport in our experience. Once again, longer duration equals fewer treatments, which equals more savings for you.
  3. Dysport spreads further than Botox. What does this mean to you? Because it spreads further, we actually have to use less of it in larger areas like the forehead or wider crow’s feet. There again, less product means less cost for you! Just another way Dysport saves our patients money over time.
  4. Dysport is quick. Got a big event that you need to look good for fast? Dysport is your go-to choice. It takes effect more quickly than Botox, usually in about 1-2 days. This is a huge advantage over Botox, which may take several days to take full effect.
  5. Patient rewards and incentives. Galderma, the manufacturer of Dysport, knows what a great product they have, and they also know that it will likely take just one Dysport treatment for Botox patients to realize it too. Because they are the underdog, they offer big incentives and rebates for Botox users or first-timers to try it. They also have a great ongoing rewards program for Dysport regulars to encourage product loyalty.
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