Treatment of Cutting Scars

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Do you have scars from cutting? Are you embarrassed or traumatized by them? Do your scars keep you from wearing the clothes you love? If so, Celibre Medical Corporation can help you. We have seen many of these patients over the years and we truly do understand how difficult they can be. Even after you’ve gotten treatment and recovered from what triggered you to injure yourself in the first place, the hundreds of scars on your arms and legs can give you a lot of anxiety. We understand they are a painful reminder of a past that you’d probably like to leave behind—we can help you do just that.

Celibre has over 20 different, FDA approved lasers that are effective at treating many different types of scars. Cutting scars come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures and sizes. Because of this, we need to use many different lasers. The Cynosure V-Star, the Medlite C6, the Palomar Q Yag V and the Sciton Erbium laser are just a few that we typically use to help improve the color and texture of these scars. We have invested heavily in our technology to make sure we have an array of lasers that can all be used to achieve real improvement in the appearance of scars.

And treatment is not as painful as you might think. Most of these devices produce a mild stinging or snapping sensation in the skin as they go to work. Treatment sessions generally run from 20 to 30 minutes and most patients have very little to no downtime after treatment.

If you’re ready to treat your cutting scars, we hope you will give us a call. We will meet with you at a free consultation to evaluate your scars and discuss what treatment options might be right for you. Don’t live with your scars another day. We can help you take the steps to move forward once and for all.

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