Get Rid of Acne

Are you one of the millions of teens and adults out there suffering with acne? Have you tried all the over-the-counter medicines, “infomercial” products and expensive prescriptions without seeing much success? If you’re feeling like there’s no hope and you’re just destined to have bad skin. Stop and take a moment to read this page. There is help and hope for your skin.

We deeply understand the struggle of living everyday with acne. It affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Celibre Medical Corporation has an answer for people just like you—FDA approved lasers. Acne and acne scarring can now be treated safely and effectively with lasers. Nearly 80% of our acne patients see moderate or better improvement. In their acne when they’re on one of our many, individualized acne treatment plans. Sometimes, they see significant improvement in as little as three treatment sessions!

Because we’ve invested heavily in our technology and have coupled. That with an extensive understanding of the root causes of acne. We can offer you the most aggressive and up-to-date laser and photodynamic therapy methods. To get your breakouts under control quick! And we don’t just stop there. Our continued care of your acne means. That we will keep your skin looking clear and keep you feeling your best and most confident about the way you look.

Laser treatment isn’t just for acne on your face: arms, backs, chests or any other body area. That is affected by acne can be treated safely and effectively. With lasers if you’re tired of dealing with acne and feeling. Like you never make any progress or if you want a proven. FDA-approved approach to your acne that doesn’t involve several messy creams or internal medicines. Then take control of your acne and come in to see us for a free consultation.

Check out our laser equipment and discover how our acne treatment program works by coming by our office and talking with us today!

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