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Smooth Skin: Bye-Bye Facial Hair!

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Living with facial hair can be a nuisance for men. While beards have made a comeback recently, many men can’t grow them or just prefer to be smooth and clean-shaven. And if you’re a woman living with unwanted facial hair, it’s not just about the inconvenience of dealing with it! It can cause all sorts of problems from anxiety to emotional distress or depression. Don’t live with it another day! Come and talk to us about laser hair removal to get rid of your unwanted facial hair once and for all.

But you’re waxing and plucking and shaving you say; all these are traditional methods of getting rid of unwanted facial hair, but you have to keep doing them over and over. Maybe you’re using messy creams or depilatories to get rid of your hair? What about the stinging, burning, or skin irritation of these chemicals? Some of them leave you looking worse, and by the time your skin has healed, the hair has grown back!  Why not get off your hair permanently, once and for all? Lasers are the perfect solution for hair removal.

We know; you’re going to the waxing studio every 2-3 weeks for your hair removal. Did you know that permanent laser hair removal can cost you what you’d spend in just five years of waxing or shaving? Yes, really! And up to 95% of your unwanted hair is gone forever after just one series of treatments.

It’s time to stop all these cyclical, costly, irritating and time-consuming hair removal methods once and for all with FDA-approved laser hair removal. It’s fast, efficient and less costly than you’d think. And thanks to advances in technology, we can treat almost any type of hair anywhere on your body no matter what color of skin you have. It’s not too good to be true! Give us a call today about our laser hair removal program here at Celibre Medical. Take a look at our before and after photos to see how great our patients look after laser hair removal, and then get started yourself!

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